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Hello, I’m Jarod

Dad, Programmer,
Photographer, Techie

I am a Software Developer living in Chicago Illinois with over 15 years of experience working mostly in the E-commerce and Medical Education fields. I love teaching, have an addiction to learning and a penchant for tinkering.

I am also a highly skilled Photographer who has been published in multiple papers, magazines, blogs, and marketing campaigns around the world. Notable publication credits include National Geographic, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Post Cereal Marketing Campaign, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Disney Family, The Truth Campaign, Babble, MTV, The Chive, and Animal Planet.

Software Development

Programming, DevOps, and Technology. Or, the place I write stuff I learn down so I don’t forget.


Musings from a recovering professional photographer and current professional dadtographer.


My personal website. Full of family adventures and anecdotes from parenting two young children.

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