About Me

I’m Jarod knoten

I was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. I am still an Okie at heart but now currently residing in Chicago IL. I currently earn my keep as the “Director of Software Systems” for a large medical association. I have always enjoyed tinkering and that character trait has strongly guided both my hobbies and professional career path. I started programming computers using the BASIC programming language in the early 90’s on Apple IIe computers at school. I loved the challenge that programming provided and I would continue programming throughout my life. When I was 15 I started my first job at the Tulsa Zoo and I would spend my lunch breaks walking the zoo and taking photos with my Pentax K1000 purchased at a yard sale. My love for photography led me to enroll in classes at a local community college where I honed my skills and learned the technical side of photography. Eventually I found myself working for a camera store where I was able to expand my knowledge of different types of cameras and equipment. While working at the camera store I started shooting freelance assignments for a local newspaper and booking portrait sessions. While working as a photographer I got into web programming while working to build my own portfolio sites. After years of working in the photography world I was offered an opportunity to work for a local e-commerce startup by a long time customer of the camera store. While at the e-commerce company I took over all of the software development eventually becoming the VP of IT for the company. After getting married my wife was accepted into a doctoral program in Greenville NC and we decided to move there while I worked remotely. While in North Carolina I decided to start shooting weddings as a side gig which also led to starting a photo booth business as well. I continued to shoot weddings until my first son was born in 2012 when I decided to retire from photography so I could focus on spending more time with my son. Shortly after my son was born my wife completed her Ph.D. and received a post doctoral position in Chicago. We moved to Chicago in 2013 and that is where we still reside. In 2015 we welcomed our second son and purchased our first condo solidifying Chicago as our new home. Currently I spend my free time playing with my boys, working in my wood shop, playing guitar, and building fun stuff.

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